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2016: OBAMA’S AMERICA…Aka – The Return of SMR Political Movie Reviews (A Triangulation)

By Ian Specter - Posted on 30 September 2012

The Right (FOX News Drone):
Represented by Old Dan Cedar

Succinctly, 2016: Obama's America is a documentary of the roots of President Obama's outwardly hostile actions toward his own country and how he intends to "cut it down to size." Film maker Dinesh D'Souza explores Obama's life from birth to present, and as a counterbalance, parallels D'Souza's own life from his humble beginnings in Mumbai, India to his present celebrity and success which was only possible because of the freedoms and equality of opportunity that the United States offers.

The Left (MSNBC Drone):
Represented by Pepe La Petitte

2016: Obama's America is a classic reactionary hack job created for the sole purpose of trying to get President Obama defeated in the upcoming 2012 presidential elections. I haven't seen this much blatant propaganda hoisted on a country since Joseph Goebbels and Leni Riefenstahl were pumping out Nazi superiority newsreels on behalf of the Fuhrer during WW2!!

The Middle (Over cussing C-SPAN Drone): Represented by King Hippo

What kind of name is "D'Souza" for a fuckin' Indian, man?

ODC: Basically, D'Souza is trying to find out why the current president of the United States rails so vehemently against the traditional culture and Judeo-Christian basis that this country was founded upon. I mean, there have been Communists, Socialists and Marxists from the very beginning of this country. And it's always some elitist, white, egghead radical, that wants to change America, not the supposed ‘downtrodden’ and ‘exploited’. In fact, early immigrants were granted equal plots of land to work, and to combine the fruits of their labor for the common good of the colony. The problems was, some people chose to work and most chose to kick back and take advantage of the communal food trough. This is called ‘human nature’ i.e. – ‘the path of least resistance.’ IT DOESN'T WORK.

Unless you’re one of the 47 percent that have their thigh cleavage and cankles resting comfortably on our hard-ass working Ottoman Empire asses - I guess it’s “working” for you lazy Commies, though!!

PLP: The reason why early white, European disease-spreading colonies couldn't sustain the commune was that there was no strong central government to direct people in the right direction and to distribute the goods equally. And if you haven't heard, NOBODY in Western Europe practices any Christian religion anymore. The cathedrals and churches are all tourist attractions. The Crusades are over, Dan, and Western Europe is doing just fine. And by the way, why shouldn't President Obama want what is best for this country? At least his early life broadened his knowledge and insight into the plights of other cultures and countries. This makes him WAY more qualified to make decisions about America...As opposed to someone like George Bush or a banjo playing, toothless hayseed that was born, raised and will die in the same backwater, moonshine producing county that YOU occupy, Dan.

KH: I had the best fuckin' Lebanese hash in a commune on the outskirts of Chino once. Anyone mind if I do a ‘J?’

ODC: The film puts forth the FACTS of Obama's life: his absentee anti-colonialism father - who, by the way, had about six wives and countless children around the world - sounds like the typical welfare piece of shit from Name-Your-Ghetto, USA. It also reveals the most influential radicals in his life: Frank Marshall Davis, Edward Said, Bill Ayers, Roberto Unger, and Jeremiah Wright, all Communists, Marxists, Anarchists and Black Liberation America Haters. And guess what? They all reap the benefits of living in this country while ripping it every chance they get. Hypocrisy at its finest. Interviews are done with family members, teachers and friends. And I didn't see D'Souza holding a gun to anyone's head to get the answers he wanted, Pepe you Flaming French Dip.

PLP: So everyone that has ever spoken to, had a class with, or sat in the pew of, these people are automatically trying to overthrow the US government? My god, Dan, will you right wing, Fox News addicted, conspiracy theory lunatics ever get back on your lithium and give the American people a break? We did it the greedy capitalist way while Bush was in power, and it put us in a shithole which Obama has done an admirable job of digging us out. I heard your mother was a two-bit hooker, Dan. Does that make you a cheap bastard?

KH: I was fuckin' abandoned at a Snohomish County orphanage when I was born. My mom was South Korean and my dad was a black serviceman. Did you ever hear of the "Seattle Seven?" That was ME...and six other guys…in ponchos.

ODC: The thing that I find interesting, Pepe, is that when shitty movies like "W," "Fahrenheit 9/11," and "An Inconvenient Truth" come out, you libtards sit there on your hind legs, panting with your tongues hanging out of your mouths as if your puppet masters were about to feed you twelve inches of chocolate covered donkey dick; and when one of your idols are the subject of TRUTH, you automatically call it lies, slander, tripe, etc., etc. and throw a hissy fit and call people names. You libs would be so much more tolerable if you had a sense of humor. As you are, you're still entertaining as it's so easy to get your panties in a twist.

PLP: It's called "speaking truth to power". Dan, something lowlifes of your ilk will never understand. Not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Obama realizes that and wants to provide equality to those who have had it denied to them. D'Souza wants to make a connection where there is none. I mean, if President Obama only met his father once, how much influence could he have on his life? Use some common sense Dan, or should I call you by your real name, Joe McCarthy!

KH: Did you say that you had a fuckin' spoon? Can I borrow it for a second? Hey Dan, you got a lighter? By the way Pepe, I was killing some time yesterday afternoon and C-SPAN was re-broadcasting the Presidential Debate from 2000 between George W. Bush and Al Gore. And, big fucking surprise, Gore was bitching about how “I don't think we should give nearly half of it (tax cut) to the wealthiest 1%, because the other 99% have had an awful lot to do with building the surplus in our prosperity.” And Dan, in that same debate, W said, “I think most of the economic growth that has taken place is a result of ingenuity and hard work and entrepreneurship and that's the role of government to encourage that.” Wow, this 2012 campaign is REAL GROUNDBREAKING SHIT!! YOU FUCKING IDIOT LEMMINGS!!!!

PLP: Hippo, have you been listening to anything that we've been discussing?

KH: Fuckin' A, Yeah, sure...I was...

PLP: So you have no frame of reference here, Hippo. You're
like a child who wanders into the middle of the movie and wants to know...

ODC: Look, Hippo, there's just one thing...

KH: And what's that?

ODC: Do you have to use so many cuss words?

KH: What the fuck are you talking about?

ODC: Okay Hippo. Have it your way.

KH: Republican Right Winged Racist VS. Democratic Lefty Big Government Socialist.

Same Shit…Different Election Day.

Fucking Idiots. I can’t wait for the political scare tactic film in four years. I’m sure it will be groundbreaking.

Smell that? It’s fucking sarcasm.


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