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INCEPTION - Aka...Shutter Island 2

By King Hippo - Posted on 14 August 2010

Actually, this movie is much better than Shutter Island but there are a lot of psychological similarities between the main character, Dom Cobb, and Leonardo DiCrapio's character in Shutter Island, Teddy Daniels.

And I already know what you’re saying about me. “King Hippo – if you are such a God fearing, homophobic Republican – then what the hell are you doing having your own personal DiCaprio Film and Fist Festival
under your sheets every night?”

My response to you – is exactly as it would be to a local peace officer peeping through my window. “Until you and your hippie friends that have taken over the city, state and federal governments of this once great nation - finally come to grip with the pain that you have inflicted on my “natural tendencies” - I will ask you to check the box as to my immigration status – note the NRA sticker on my front door, do a background check and summon your Sixth Sense to realize that I may very well be the illegitimate off-spring of Charles Whitman.

As the great Bruce Willis said, "Keep moving Cheese Dick!!"

Anyway, both films have Dicaprio characters in their respective mental states because of a traumatic episode in their real lives which now have them doing the balancing act between reality and fantasy. Much like Dan Cedar's delusions of grandeur when he dons his Hitler mask, Nazi jackboots, leopard print Speedo and leather chaps and parades around his neighborhood screaming "Sieg Heil!" ...Fortunately, the neighbors are used to this autistic behavior already.

Dom Cobb is an "extractor," - able to invade other people's dreams to steal corporate secrets. With the help of his crew and a nifty dream machine, he is able to stealthily get the information desired by contriving an artificial environment in the dream of the mark and manipulating the situation in order to get what his "employer of the moment" needs.

There are some caveats, however. One, the mark has to be hooked up to the machine along with the rest of the crew who are trying to steal his secrets. Two, anyone invading the dream - especially the "architect" of the dream (one of the crew) cannot bring his/her/its own personal experiences into the dreamscape or it will start to fall apart – much like this review. And three, because "extractors" are a known commodity, there are coaches who will help potential marks defend their secrets by training them to mentally put up barriers to possible invaders.

So, to reiterate to Dan Cedar and his ilk - One, hooking up you and that crack ho’ down the street to your 12 year old Sega Dreamcast machine will not enable you to invade her dreams to perform ass-to-mouth on her without paying. Two, it's not enough to rehash the same cheap ass porn movie set for every one of your extraction expeditions "just because" you're the "architect."

Fucking Costanza.

Three, if your crack hos are minimally trained, they won't be defending their glory holes with a simple chastity belt. It will be more like an industrial strength wood chipper.

Have fun pounding THAT.

Oh well, look on the bright side - If you die in the dream - you just wake up...BUT, if you're hurt in the dream, you WILL feel the pain.

Have fun "stumpy."

Actually, the "death" thing is only true with a "normal" first level dream, which thankfully brings us back from my digressions.

Cobb is hired by Saito, a Japanese industrialist to plant an idea into the only son and heir of his chief business rival in order to prevent a monopoly from putting Saito out of business. The only problem is that planting an idea is much harder to do than stealing an idea. This, of course, brings me to the point of why this idea-forsaken website has nothing new to offer which hasn’t been “lifted and shifted” from some other, much more original, internet page.

In order to do this, Cobbs’ crew needs to go down to three dream levels, a dream within a dream within a dream.

This makes things much more complicated and dangerous, as a powerful sedative is needed to reach the multiple dream level state. This, in turn, negates the ability to "awaken in real life after a dream death." Each level entails catching the mark again and hooking the crew up to the dream machine. Also, with each level, time drags on longer. Again, much like this review..

This is all hard enough to execute without Cobb's deceased wife, Mal, appearing in every extraction attempt and putting a monkey wrench in his plans. Cobb and Mal spent years in a shared dream world developing their personal Eden in which to live. Unfortunately, after waking, Mal couldn't discern between reality and their dream world and "proved" to Cobb that they were still in their dream world by jumping out of a 20 story window.

“Oh”, you say, “That’s just a scoche lower than the University of Texas at Austin’s clock tower, Whitman Jr.” And I say, “Move over asshole! I’ve got some overly-ripe melons to cap!!”

And to add insult to injury she left a letter with her lawyer implicating Cobb in her "murder" which forced him to flee America. Of course, the only reason Mal couldn't discern between the dream state and the waking state is that Cobb planted an idea in her mind to see if it could be done.

Thus, the constant guilt. Much like I have after my own Leo the Lion quest in my bedroom.

The carrot Saito is dangling in front of Cobb to pull off the inception is the ability to pull some strings with the US government so that Cobb can be reunited with his children in America without legal proceedings being brought against him.

The last scene leaves the movie goer in limbo as to whether Cobb really made it back to reality or if this is just another dream state.

Kind of like Dan Cedar waking up on the floor of the morgue wondering if he's a homosexual necrophiliac or a bisexual necrophiliac. And kind of like your humble reviewer, King Hippo,wondering if I am really in bed with Leo Dicaprio or in the head of my dearly departed sperm donor and just about to squeeze another round off at some fleeing Austinites.

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