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King Hippo’s Best Movies of the Decade (2000-2009)

By King Hippo - Posted on 06 March 2010

1.Lord of the Rings Trilogy - You fucking putzes can argue with me till hell freezes over but Peter Jackson's masterpiece will never be topped.

2.Memento - A bizarrely effective piece of storytelling only made better by the superlative acting of Guy Pearce.

3.The Wrestler - A beautiful story starring a very ugly man...and that hottie Marisa Tomei.

4.Monster - Another movie defined by an unbelievable acting performance...this time by South African import Charlize Theron.

5.Million Dollar Baby - Arguably Eastwood's best. I know you shills out there prefer Mystic River or The Unforgiven, but I'm right and you're wrong.

6.Gladiator - I can see your eyes rolling on this one but this is Ridley Scott's best.

7.Far From Heaven - Mesmerizing performances by Julianne Moore and Dennis Quaid. From Moore, it's expected. From Quaid, it's a head scratcher.

8.Sideways - Ok, I know it's a chick-flick. However, it's a very realistic film with oscar worthy performances by Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church.

9.Ghost World - At first glance, just another teen angst movie. But delve deeper, grasshopper. Unbelievable performances by Steve Buscemi and Illeana Douglas.

10.Training Day - More eye rolling, I know... Just the best performance of Denzel's life you dumb fucks!

As you can see - my list is all encompassing with that of a pre-pubescent neophyte's outlook on society and the world as a whole. If you think you can do better. Try sending something in that doesn't get ripped apart by my brainforsaken editor. Oh, yeah, and try not to offend anyone, Asshole!

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