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September 2012

2016: OBAMA’S AMERICA…Aka – The Return of SMR Political Movie Reviews (A Triangulation) sticky icon

The Right (FOX News Drone):
Represented by Old Dan Cedar

Succinctly, 2016: Obama's America is a documentary of the roots of President Obama's outwardly hostile actions toward his own country and how he intends to "cut it down to size." Film maker Dinesh D'Souza explores Obama's life from birth to present, and as a counterbalance, parallels D'Souza's own life from his humble beginnings in Mumbai, India to his present celebrity and success which was only possible because of the freedoms and equality of opportunity that the United States offers.

The Left (MSNBC Drone):
Represented by Pepe La Petitte

2016: Obama's America is a classic reactionary hack job created for the sole purpose of trying to get President Obama defeated in the upcoming 2012 presidential elections. I haven't seen this much blatant propaganda hoisted on a country since Joseph Goebbels and Leni Riefenstahl were pumping out Nazi superiority newsreels on behalf of the Fuhrer during WW2!!

The Middle (Over cussing C-SPAN Drone): Represented by King Hippo

What kind of name is "D'Souza" for a fuckin' Indian, man?

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Wasilla, AK - Today, soon to be ex-Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, announced more specifics on her puzzling decision to step down from her role as governor of Alaska.

Appearing at a press conference, that was ripe with double entendre, and fully heightened in four inch red, high heels, a black pleather mini-skirt and a white, ruffled, half-unbuttoned blouse – “Caribou Barbie” as some have dubbed her, came out with ordnance ablaze.