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King Hippo’s Best and Worst of 2009

By King Hippo - Posted on 06 March 2010

Worst Movies of 2009

1.Surrogates -The movie sucked so much, that it sucked my usually witty review right off the desk of Dan Cedar straight into the crapper.

2.2012 - This is what you get when you have a tired, worn out plot; tired, has been actors; and tired, rehashed special effects.

3.Couples Retreat - The only way to save this movie would have been to turn it into a porno.

4.Old Dogs - Hey Travolta! You already rode this retarded flea bag to market in 2007. It was called Wild Hogs.

5.Year One - I didn't think Jack Black could sink any lower than that festering turd Nacho Libre...but I stand corrected.

Best Movies of 2009

1.Avatar - As much as I hate that liberal prick megalomaniac James Cameron, I couldn't help but wet myself as I watched this flick.

2.The Hangover - THIS is what a comedy should be - non stop laughs without the rehashed clichés.

3.Star Trek - As much as I hate to admit it, this movie had some of the best acting and editing of any movie I saw all year.

4. District 9 - Let's face it - if we got to see more broadly released foreign films in this country, there probably wouldn't be a single American flick on the end of the year "top 10."

5.Crazy Heart - Some films are great just because of the performance of the actors - this is Jeff Bridges' best of his career.

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