Gotham City - Fresh on the heels of the death of an Indian immigrant at the 40th Street subway station, Scottish immigrant Hamish MacNoonan died after sustaining injuries from being pushed off the 63rd Street subway platform into the path of an oncoming commuter train.

United States senator Robert "Bob" Menendez has been detained for questioning. Menendez has also been alleged to have stiffed prostitutes while vacationing in the Dominican Republic, agreeing to pay $500 for services rendered, then ultimately paying them only $100. Prior to the allegations, Menendez had been in line to take over as CIA director before President Obama's trip to Colombia in April of 2012.

Although not proven, Bob Menendez could possibly be a distant cousin of Lyle and Erik Menendez, infamous for the murders of their parents in 1987 and currently serving life sentences in prison.

Senator Menendez could also possibly be a second cousin of Erica Menendez, who pushed Sunando Sen, to his death December 27, 2012. Ipso facto, any person that is, or possibly could be related to any person with the surname of Menendez, is, in fact, a cold blooded killer.

Currently, Erica Menendez is under psychiatric evaluation after proclaiming that she pushed Sen into the path of the subway train because she "hates Hindus and Muslims ever since 2001 when they put down the twin towers." Authorities have charged her with murder as a hate crime.

New information on the first gruesome subway murder of Korean immigrant Ki-Suck Han on December 3rd has come to light. Thirty year old homeless man, Naeem Davis, has changed his story from that of acting in self-defense to "I just hate Japs, man. Ever since they bombed Pearl Harbor, I've hated them slant-eyed rice eaters!" When enlightened to the fact that the man he pushed was South Korean and not Japanese, Davis replied, "Oh fuck man, who can keep track of all them Asiatics? They all fuckin' look the same to me!"

Anonymous sources have confirmed that during questioning, Senator Menendez admitted that he pushed MacNoonan onto the tracks because he "hates argyle." District Attorney Harvey Dent has hinted that he may bring murder charges against the senator enhanced with a hate crime against textiles.

New York City Mayor and Fascist in Chief Bloomberg is said to be mulling over new legislation to curb this horrific violence, similar to legislation he implemented recently outlawing 44 ounce fountain soft drinks "for the health of the morbidly obese."

Bloomberg is said to be seriously considering prohibiting immigrants, the homeless and "fat tubs of shit" from entering the city, including New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. "Just think of it this way, if there are no immigrants to push in front of commuter trains, then the immigrant killings will stop!”

The downside would, of course, be the decreased supply of immigrant sex slaves on whom our former and current Attorney Generals would be able to prey. Much less that Harvey Dent, whom I have it on background from Police Commissioner Gordon, is a bit of a two face."