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THE DICTATOR…Aka – The Prophet and The Pope Walk Into A Bar

By Old Dan Cedar - Posted on 27 June 2012

OK, so the Aka…is just testing the waters to see if a Fatwa will be bestowed on Old Dan Cedar by some nutty Ayatollah. And so, in close proximity, is the trouble with making a comedy about a lovable dictator.

The landmines are scattered just beneath the surface. And there is no Princess of Wales posing for the cameras to bring attention to the need to End Landmines globally, while she covertly slips out the back to blow Dodi Fayed speeding through the streets of gay Paris.

Political Correctness Abounds.

So, the dictator can’t be from the Middle East…that offends the Arabs. So, he is from North Africa.

He can’t really be Black…that offends the large African money stream that would be drawn to the box office.

He can’t really kill his subjects…that
offends the audience who would like to laugh at a comedy and not be forced to watch the Socialist/Zionist Habonim Dror Youth Theatre Troupe.

He can’t show his dick…because, ya know, that would be something Sacha Baron Cohen does in EVERY movie.

Ooooppss, I forgot…the dictator pulls his pecker
out once again, because….FUCK IF I KNOW.

So, what we end up with is a story arc that could have been drawn up by a six year old, Downs Syndrome Neanderthal.

  1. The Dictator shows his ass.
  2. The Dictator comes to America.
  3. The Dictator shows his ass and his uncircumcised cock.
  4. The Dictator falls in love.
  5. The Dictator turns into a pussy to get laid.
  6. Happy, Sappy Ending.

And there you have it. $140 million box office gross.

And we’re all duly impressed.

We get to laugh a little.

We just don’t actually laugh enough in the eighty three minutes to suppress the sixty days of porcelain crackling diarrhea that is sure to follow.

All praise to Allah or Yahweh….whichever god was responsible for the discovery of Imodium.

Dan Cedar, with god’s will, lives to loaf another day.

-Old Dan Cedar

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