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INSIDE JOB – Aka…Roger & Me and Baby Makes Three

By Old Dan Cedar - Posted on 14 November 2010

Inside Job purports to be a documentary that was written, directed and produced by Charles Ferguson about the ins and outs of how the economy went into the shitter over the past 30 years - which began with the election of Ronald Reagan.

Hmmmm, seems an odd place to start since the economy was SO bad, and interest rates were SO high under James Earl Carter after the devil went down to Plains, GA.

….Ok, I get it, they didn’t ask my opinion. Just seems a little weird. Duly Noted?

It seems that – according to Inside Job - our bad economy was birthed by de-regulation and greed.

I feel like Andy Rooney, but did you ever notice that Republicans always want small government except when it comes to backing the blue or the military. And the Democrats always want to fiddle with lots of government regulation except when it comes to making laws against “personal” freedoms. Is it hypocrisy or just inconsistent ideology?

Don’t Answer, ASSHOLE! It’s Rhetorical!!

In 1989 Michael Moore crafted an aggressive type of neo-documentary film - Roger & Me, where the director put himself and his ideology in front of the camera - mocking his adversaries. No longer was the story teller in the background, relating real-life events – brought to the forefront by unheard questions – ala Ken Burns.

The hysterical off-spring of Roger & Me is Charles Ferguson’s Inside Job. In place of deriding the greedy business decisions of GM executives – Ferguson ridicules the greedy, speculative Wall Street financial executives who seem, invariably, tied to the executive branch of our government. Thus, the problem - The White House is guarding The Hen House.

Voiced by Matt Damon and splattered with literally dozens of bar graphs, Inside Job walks us through the financial regulations or lack thereof - and how those led to the housing bubble – the burst – and the ensuing ripple effects throughout the world.

The salient points are not to be lightly dismissed, but there are some problems with the narrative.

First and foremost – who is doing the talking?

The bad guys – anyone stupid enough to have agreed to an interview with this director that has ever worked in the financial services field. Sure, these guys would have never sat down with Michael Moore because they already know his political agenda. But, they are so rich and arrogant that they have no qualms about proving to the rest of mankind what most of us already knew; you don’t have to be smart to get rich. And it takes somebody quite articulate and calm – to NOT make himself look like a greedy asshole when, in fact, he IS a greedy asshole!!.

The good guys? They consist of a motley crew that could only have been assembled on a gold-plated violin bet over a Billy Beer down in Plains.

Charles Ferguson: “I will bet you that I can make a whole movie that tears down the lack of moral fiber in our government with ANY three stooges you can pick out in the world as my ‘experts’. And critics will still love it.”

Bartender: “OK, how about George Soros, Barney Frank and – let’s throw in Eliot Spitzer there, for a few good laughs.”

Ferguson: “I’ll take that bet and you’re gonna regret – ‘cause I’m the best that’s ever been!”

And - sure as shit – that is what Ferguson does. Never once does he interrupt or verbally indict Larry, Moe or Curly. But, in fact, Ferguson gives credence to their every word - without a challenge. On the other hand, he deals it hard with the greedy capitalist pigs without a stitch of moral fiber.

What’s that, you say?

These Three Stooges live in glass houses and shouldn’t be throwing stones!

Forget the other two. Accept that they are Saint Peter and Jesus Christ. George Fucking Soros was convicted of insider trading (A Felony) in France. He also made more than $1 Billion betting against the devaluation of the British Pound. His net worth is approximately $14.2 Billion.

These are the kind of facts held against EVERY greedy Wall Street broker in this film. How does the film view Georgie Boy? He is simply listed as "Philanthropist" as opposed to "One of the greediest fucking fucks on planet earth"!

Here is the other thing–we are given a great deal of detail about how bad the past 20 years of Republican Administrations have been – the 10 years of Democratic Presidents get some specifics, though short shrift is given. And let’s not forget that the Executive Branch is only one of three.

The other “good guys” are the congressmen that have spent a lot of time publicly vilifying and trying to disgrace the greedy financial fucks, but have done little to enact legislation that does ANY, you know, LEGISLATING!!

Inside Job was distributed by Sony Pictures. Just for grins - I did a little internet research on how much the president of Sony Pictures made last year. Does 9.8 million dollars sound greedy to you? Maybe a bar graph would help.

Now, you play pretty good fiddle boy, but gives the devil his due. I’ll bet a fiddle of gold against your soul – ‘cause I think I’m better than you.

Unless there is a regulation against a little greed… I've done told you once - you hypocritical fiddling fucks - I'm the best that's ever been!!

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