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THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT - Aka...Hot Lesbian Sex!!

By Old Dan Cedar - Posted on 23 December 2010

Sometimes, in my hemp-hazed day dreams – this humble movie reviewer wonders if I have any ill-conceived off-spring played forth by my pre-cum - prior to ejaculating on your heart-shaped ass.

So, this movie imagines that you’re a teenager that has two moms and that you were conceived by a neo-hippie spunk donor because your mommies hate cock – yet they wanted the pain and aggravation that come with being married and raising a family.

There’s your movie premise.

Doesn’t sound like an Academy Award winner, huh?

It’s NOT the pitch – It’s the execution. Bitch!!

Do you know how much time, effort and masturbating energy that this reviewer, Dan Cedar, has invested in lesbian sex? Jenna Jameson, Ginger Lynn, Racquel Darrian.

Ooohhh!! Ooohhh!! Yes, Ma’am. You are welcome!!

Alas, The Kids Are All Right women are not those from my youthful misspent, porn-fueled, thong sporting, rug-munching imagery. These here are the forty-something Annette Bening and Julianne Moore. As Christopher Cross might say, “Somewhere between the moon and New York City”.

Imagery aside - this movie embodies what every great movie has at its core. A unique, unpredictable narrative that is relatable to variety of audiences - regardless of whether you are proponents or opponents of Proposition 8.


Well apparently the fairer homo sex occasionally likes to watch gay, boy porn!



Old Dan Cedar isn’t jacking off in a cup, so that you can confirm what you’ve suspected for lo’
these many years. That isn’t my kid, regardless of the fact that your daughter has my dimples and is stunningly beautiful.

OK, Maybe it wasn’t YOUR heart-shaped ass. Could have been the coupling of Miss Darrian and Miss Jameson.

Oh, yeah and The Kids Are All Right is the best motion picture of 2010.

5 Naybobs

Old Dan Cedar

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