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RESTREPO - Aka...The Hurt Valley

By Old Dan Cedar - Posted on 17 July 2010

Restrepo is an even-handed documentary that may have you re-evaluating what our government has been doing with your hard earned tax dollars to rid the world of terrorism.

The Rightness. The Wrongness. And since we – the American public - are so disengaged from this war - It is a narrative worth ruminating.

When Old Dan Cedar decided to go to this documentary of an American platoon’s deployment in Afghanistan - it was because I had heard rave reviews- this movie won a big award at Sundance - and because one of the soldiers that was in the film was scheduled to conduct a question and answer session after the screening.

As I am walking into the theatre – I notice an abundance of high and tight buzz cuts amongst the patrons of this heretofore movie art house. Hmmmm….doesn’t look like the typical benefactors.

So, as it turns out,Restrepo is an undersized excuse of an outpost that a 15 man band of an American platoon established in a very dangerous place that I had never heard of called the Korengal Valley. And by “outpost” – I mean a shithole carved into the high ground of this valley where our soldiers literally burn their own feces to make room for more. Restrepo is hailed as their “greatest accomplishment” amongst the Americans that captured it.

I had never heard of this valley or this outpost prior to viewing this movie. This seems odd considering this is supposedly “the most dangerous place in Afghanistan”. And MY country – the greatest military power in the world - has been in this godforsaken dung heap excuse of a country for NINE FUCKING YEARS!!

I Want Some Answers!! And you should too!!

I don’t even want to get into the fact that some of the film quality is better on my wife’s iPhone or the fact that there seems to be an excessive amount of homoerotic behavior among our troops.

Restrepo – the outpost - is named after a medic that dies early in the film. So, as an homage…it was built with reverence and heavy hearts.

Anyway – these guys have virtually NO AIR SUPPORT!!

Meanwhile, we are lobbing mortars at the Taliban like it’s 19 fucking 44!!

I am sure that Colonel Nathan R. Jessup - and other soldiers and politicians – “have neither the time nor the inclination to explain themselves to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that they provide, and then questions the manner in which they provide it! I am sure that they would rather I just said "Thank you," and went on my way. Otherwise, they’d suggest that I pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, they don't give a damn what I think I am entitled to!”

But I still want the truth. Even if they don’t think that I can’t handle it.

I thought we were the greatest military in the history of the world!!

Well, it is either us or the former Soviet Union, right?

Oh, Yeah – Those fuckers ducked tail and ran - while at the same time bankrupting their entire fucking country fighting this ragtag band of desert rats!!

But, I thought that Charlie Wilson won that war!!

Wipe the spooge off your laptop, Asshole!

It’s YOU that can’t handle the truth!

The Charlie Wilson yarn was, largely, a Hollywood creation to make you think that we actually had ANY culpability in overthrowing the communist assholes in Russia.

It’s impossible to criticize the hard-working, brave, devoted soldiers giving their lives and limbs and mental health for a patriotic cause – however misplaced.

Meanwhile, OUR military industrial complex is thriving like never before.

We have been throwing 10 billion dollars a month at these guys since they attacked us with our own commercial airlines – some nine years ago.

Oh, woops! My bad! That wasn’t Afghanistan.
That was Saudi Arabia!!

Remember that long, drawn out, bloody war that we fought with that country?

So, anyway, back to the movie…

Some more of the good guys die. We accidentally kill some innocent civilians. We apologize. We kill a cow because he gets caught in some barbed wire. We make some steaks. We apologize for killing the fucking Afghan cow. And pay back the Afghanis – who, on average, have about three teeth in each of their fucking heads - for having killed said cow – in rice, beans and flour.

Probably easier to chew than the fucking steak, anyway.

After 14 months – our soldiers get to return to the United States. We lost fifty soldiers in this dental forsaken gorge over that time.

Oh yeah, and when the platoon left - we retreated and gave back camp Restrepo – the reverential homage to their friend that died.

So, in the question and answer session somebody asks the soldier if he feels proud with what they accomplished?
He says, “Yes, Sir, I certainly do!!”

What the Fuck?

Proud of getting a hill? Proud of killing some Taliban? Proud that we gave the hill back soon after your platoon left? Proud that we are not giving up after nine years?

Turns out – by raised hand count - most of the crowd is current or ex-soldiers and/or has kids in the war. The crowd files out and almost everyone stops and thanks the soldier for his service – as did I…

But, with reverence and heavy hearts aside...

Isn’t Pride is one of the seven deadly sins?

Get over it!

Remember the lesson that the in-bred, dim-witted Commies finally learned.

Have the sense to know when enough is enough.

Enough Lives.

Enough Money.

Enough Honor, Code and Loyalty!

Enough with the Fucking Pride!!

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