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DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS - Aka...Dinner at Dan Cedar's

By King Hippo - Posted on 14 August 2010

Ok, I guess maybe I had my hopes up that this was going to be this years The Hangover. Unfortunately for me, it was more like Shallow Hal. What's up with a comedy always having to have some character with the "heart of gold?"

Or some sort of "message?"

If I want a good cry – I will personally lance the boil on my anus or alternately saunter out of my grandma’s house where I am “temporarily” residing - explore the crawl space under her garage and take a deep whiff of the muriatic acid burned flesh of my five most recent victims until my own body’s misdirected lacrimal immune response takes over.

Yes!! I was crying. You illiterate Asshole!!

Screw that shit! Maybe that's why the French love Jerry Lewis so much - just a bumbling idiot - sans any tear jerking "message."

Anyway, this Americanized homage to Francis Veber's Le Diner de Cons survives solely on the performances of Steve Carrell, Paul Rudd and Jermaine Clement who brilliantly plays the avant garde artiste Kieran.

Yeah, I know – I’m sure some of you high functioning retards will say “Geez, Robin Williams or Jim Carrey could have pulled off Carrell’s role with no problemo.” Hmm, why is it that a schizophrenic bipolar disorder automatically makes you a “comedian?”

Anyway, straight man Paul Rudd plays “Tim,” a sixth floor corporate schlub who’s been stuck there for years desperately trying to impress his boss enough to get to the highly coveted seventh floor of the corporate tower. During a strategy session, he intrigues his boss enough to garner an invite to the clandestine “dinner for the talented” in which each corporate invitee has to bring an eccentric person to dinner for the enjoyment of all. As a bonus, the most talented guest gets a trophy and the corporate lackey who brought him/her/it gets bonus points from the boss.

Quite by chance, Tim accidently hits Steve Carrell’s character “Barry” in the street and their relationship begins to flower, much like Dan Cedar’s collection of women’s clothing which he claims he only wears on weekends. Barry is a classic geek who becomes a leach on Tim. Tim is torn about the relationship because as much as he cannot stand Barry, he needs him to impress his boss at the dinner. Barry’s “special” talent, aside from his “vibrant” personality is his ability to dress up dead mice in various dioramas, mostly whimsical and very well done.

King Hippo has a similar talent but for some reason, people are turned off by my taxidermy skills on the female human body. I long to be discovered, ala Jeffrey Dahmer, circa, 1991. Meanwhile I will continue to roam the streets of Milwaukee.

There are the usual sub plots going on with Tim’s relationship with his current girlfriend, a stalking previous girlfriend, and Kieran, the aforementioned “artiste.” Zach Galifianakis almost steals the show with his portrayal of “Thurman,” Barry’s coworker at the IRS.

The night of the dinner brings a comedy of errors as each idiot savant takes turns unwittingly making complete asses out of themselves for the amusement of the corporate executives, strangely named Reed, Pelosi, Rangel, Frank and Obama.

That smell?

It’s not rotting democratic flesh.

It’s sarcasm.

Of course, in the end, the dweebs all extract their revenge and everyone’s happy…and Dan Cedar has himself a good cry.

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