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A Voice of Reason – Finally!!

By Lady Spamalot - Posted on 24 December 2009

An Open Letter to Old Dan Cedar and King Hippo and Ian Specter and Abzug:

The fairer sex has postmundanely landed on this Penile Planet of Pestilence.

WE are no longer YOUR servants. I know that you want to bring back those pre-suffragette days and probably a few Jim Crow laws, too.

Backhanded belittling will NO LONGER be silently tolerated.

From this day forward a riposte will be delivered from the honorable Susan B. Anthony lectern from which I will – not so gently - harangue.

And this I can guarantee - There will be NO Keith Olbermann lame-ass opinions, bereft of any sense or sensibility.

In the past, only eunuchs have prosecuted their prepubescent, nearly infantile, tirades on the unsuspecting perusers of negativity previously posted on this website.

No More.

I am here to speak TRUTH to POWER.

And while technically none may be a eunuch – This strip-poker playing “Pussy” had the “privilege” of seeing Old Dan Cedar, King Hippo, Ian Specter and Abzug exposed - after an epic, ass-whipping by a far superior, androgynous ‘5 Card Stud’ intellect thrust forth on their middle-aged rectums.

Gentlemen, I am here to let the world know – I have seen your reproductive shafts and they are no match for the chasm of my labia or the span of my clitoris.

I am here to give counter-weight to the ‘justice is blind’, right-winged lunatic fringe that perpetually encourages my countrywomen and men to take up arms, voices, and emails against our rightfully elected leaders while assisting zealot rogues climb atop The New York Times bestseller list.

But mark my words - YOU purveyors of prejudice and intolerance - We are NOT going back to the days when women were dictated as to how we protect our bodies from the penile buckshot that you, so haphazardly semenate in our direction. God Bless The United States Supreme Court!!

Out of the back alley and into the front. Praise Jesus!!

The day will come when I join The View and will take my leave of you.

But until that day – You Quasi-Literate Pedophiliac Dregs of Society better PUCKER UP YOUR PECKERS.

There is a new sheriff in town and she doesn’t need a strap-on!!

The Democrat has landed, so turn down your Beltones – Boys!!

Can I hear an Amen?

- Lady SpamaLot

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